Gen 5 – What are the OEM-sized batteries you can install on a 2019 OB Limited 3.6R?

This info is for my cousin. He lives in Miami, and his OB is in Michigan, and needs to order the largest (of 2, I’d guess) OEM-sized battery he can buy before heading there, and AGM, of course. I was Googling that, but there were several different sizes, so obviously don’t know which are the correct ones. Rather ask the experts here;). He bought his OB new, and want to retain the stock hardware, and wants a perfect fit. Curiously, I didn’t see H5, which is the exact size my ’24 T-XT has. So it’s possible Subaru changed sizes; we’ll see. I recommended him the German AGM Clarios batteries Walmart sells under their ‘EverStart’ brand (only H5 and larger are German made). Thanks gang.

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