Gen 5 – Rear Wheel Bearings and Backing plate replacement

The rear wheel bearings on my ’17 Outback 2.5i with 89k had been humming for about a week at speeds over 50 mph so I took it in to the dealer here in Maine that has serviced it from day one (I bought it new from a different dealer). Turns out I needed two new rear wheel bearings and backing plates. The last time I needed wheel bearings on any car was back in the 70’s on my Volvo 244, and since then I’d driven (as a over-the-road 40k miles per year salesman…I retired 17 years ago ) four Chevies, one Accord, a Jeep Patriot, some with excess well over 100k, with never a wheel bearing issue. The total bill was $1231, but thanks to a free dealer lifetime power train warranty (provided by the dealer from whom I bought it new) the dealer that did the repair was able to contact the warranty company who agreed to cover $754 of the repair. I felt fortunate to have that much covered. Is it normal on Outbacks to need wheel bearing and backing plate replacement at 89k? It just seemed a bit early to me judging by the results I’ve had with other makes.

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