Gen 5 – Condensation bubbles on touch screen

Just two weeks ago, both my 2018 Outback and my sisters 2019 Outback got these bubbles and the radios started going crazy, within a week of each other. We are in Arizona, use a garage and sunshades on the windshields. The dealer told us it was heat damage and both are being replaced, but obviously, unless something changed, it will happen again. Does anyone know who makes the radio, or if any reengineering has occurred so it doesn’t happen again? I mean, it’s Arizona, there’s multiple Subaru dealerships, it gets HOT, but they still sell the cars here, one would think the cars would be weather hardened for the areas they are sold in. At this point, I’d be willing to trade it in for a car that doesn’t use the same radio manufacturer. Also – does anyone know – when they replace the radio, do they give the same warranty? 5 years or 100K miles?

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