Gen 4 – Roar at 35-50 mph

I suspect it may be the center thrust bearing but I can’t find a way to replace it without replacing the entire drive shaft, any ideas?

MrSubaru did a video diagnosing and repairing the center thrust bearing (entire driveshaft), but for your car, I’m curious what methods you used to rule out various other causes and why you suspect one thing in particular? His symptoms are nothing like yours.

If you have inspected various suspension components and they seem good, can you describe your inspection process for each?

If hitting the throttle makes it go away for a minute, then it’s probably out of balance in the wheels. During the noise you say you can feel it shaking – is the steering wheel shaking, or is it the whole car, and you can feel it in your seat?

Your original post says 35-50 noise but you drove out of country. Does the rumble go away above 50?

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