Gen 4 – Quoted 5700 + tax for head gasket replacement. It seems pointless, and ridiculously high.

I bought a 2011 2.5 outback not too long ago, and although it looked good, I took it for long tests, eventually it started having tq problems which were consistent with the service bulletin. Not long after the engine overheated for several minutes and the upper radiator hose burst. I wish they still had temperature gauges.

anyway $4700 later, cooling system and tq replaced after having it for 2 weeks waiting for parts. This is also a Subaru dealership. I was hesitant to pay her but had to do it for convenience as my life is pretty complicated and busy at the moment.

then today (a day later) after driving for about an hour the engine started overheating again so i pulled over and took it back to the dealer. They said they hadn’t lost the head gasket and quoted me $5,700 plus tax, not including 400 for resurfacing if needed, which it usually is. That sounds absolutely absurd to me. I’m wondering if any of you, considering the other repairs already done, would think it’s worth it, or if you think another dealer or independent mechanic would give me a much better price.

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