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Hi all,

I have a 2013 outback with 117,000 miles. I was driving when a variety of lights came on including at temp (flashing).

I ran the codes and had P2673 (as well as P7000 and a few others that seemed downstream). There were no symptoms. I topped up the coolant (which was low), cleared the codes and made the decision to drive home (about 200 miles). Fuel milage was good (26+ in mountainous terrain) and there were no issues with stalling.

I’m now deciding what to do next. I am considering taking it in and asking the mechanic to do the 120,000 early as well as look at the transmission. Alternatively, I could keep driving and see if the code pops up again. The battery is 2 years old but was purchased in Mexico while I was there so may have quality issues.

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