Gen 4 – Lift and tires – need your input

I have a 2012 Outback for which I have a very mild build in mind. Just new wheels, tires, small lift, skid plates, and that’s about it. I have ordered skid plates from Primitive Racing and now I need some help with lift and tires. I want to keep the stock size wheels (17″) but will go with Sparco Terra wheels. Based on the reviews on TireRack and some other sites I have visited, the tires I picked are Falken Wildpeaks. As to the lift and tire size, I have no idea. The shocks/springs have about 100K miles on them so I rather replace the whole set than just springs or adding spacers. I was thinking of just a Primitive Racing 1.5″ lift with KYB shocks and King springs as I have a roof rack, awning, hitch and hitch mounted bike rack. The goal is not really to lift the car but compensate for extra weight and to avoid sag. For tire size I was thinking of bumping just from 225/60R17 to 235/60R17 which would result in only about 0.5″ bigger diameter. This plus the 1.5″ lift minus the ground clearance taken by the skid plate would probably result in a very mild lift front and back. Primitive Racing also has option for 0.25″ lift with Kings springs.

What do you guys think? Does such a small tire size bump make sense? Is the 1.5″ lift going to affect alignment and geometry? Should I go only with 0.25″ lift with new shocks/springs? Any other options I should consider? This is not an off-road build. The worst we do is some fire roads and sandy trails. Nothing extreme or even remotely approaching serious off-roading.

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