Gen 4 – Greetings from Western MA

Hello everyone, I’m back in the Subaru game after an 8 year hiatus. Previously on WRX and Impreza wagons with forest suspension. The family is getting bigger and it was time to ditch the bmw and go in with the dad buggy.

We spend a lot of time in the woods walking and the roads are more off-road than on-road. I’m required to get to work even in the worst weather, so a new (to me) Subaru made the shortlist.

I picked up a 2011 3.6r limit over the weekend and the adventure begins! Impressed with the differences between 2.5 and 3.6. Drive the 4th gen and 5th gen 2.5 and hated the throttle response‚Ķ or lack thereof. 3.6 is so smooth and I hope to have regular maintenance with occasional fixes. I’ve built restored engines/cars before so no repair work scares me, it’s the time I need that I just can’t afford with two small kids haha.

I know … the color. I love it, that’s all that really matters. :cool:

I’ve been lurking around the forums for the past few months reading up on common problems/favorite drivetrains, etc. I think I made a pretty solid choice with the 3.6r/5EAT. I look forward to learning all I can and enjoying the car for years to come.

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