Gen 4 – Front Axle Replacement Question

I don’t know if this works on newer models but on my Gen 2 I just unbolt the strut from the spindle, unbolt the brake caliper and zip tie it to the coil spring (out of the way). Rotor stays on.

This allows the spindle to rest solely on the ball joint and tie rod and leaves just enough room at full steering lock (Wheel turned away from the side you are working on) to pop the old axle out of the spindle (Do this before removing from the Diff.)

Installation is the reverse of removal: Seat inside of axle in Diff., pry just enough to get it into the hub, and then button everything up. Be sure to mark your camber bolts on the strut so you better your chances of not needing an alignment. You still may need to get one anyway…

Here is a video of the method I use, although this includes unbolting the tie rod (Probably necessary). Much easier than messing with rotors and balljoints.

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