Gen 4 – Alignment – SAI, Included, Caster Too Positive After New Control Arms and Struts

Hi, Need some help with my Subaru Outback 2010 2.5i. I am the only owner.

The SAI, Included, and Caster angles are too positive after install of 2 new control arms and front struts. All parts tightened to torque specs. I have the original sway bar links.

I do not have a alignment measurement from before install but do not belive they were off. About a year ago I had a curtesy alignment check with an oil change. I was given no alignment values then but the report said pass. After install I had the alignment checked, it follows:

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Used original OEM bolts that were on the vehicle.
KYB Shock / Strut & Coil Spring Assembly SR4384 and SR4385
MEVOTECH Control Arms: CMS801115 and CMS801114

Is the overly positive SAI, Included Angle and Caster a significant problem?

If it is what are some areas I could check to resolve it?

Thank you

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