Gen 4 – 2013 FB25 AC shuts off suddenly, radiator fan won’t turn on

2013 Outback 2.5 6spd manual trans 165K+

The Outback still runs fine and the AC was very cold until yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, about 98 degrees, I was talking to the store owner. I ask my son to run the AC in the car while I wait. Then he called me and said there was a burning smell so he shut the car off.

I went back and restarted the car. The car started immediately and ran fine, however, the AC was not present. The blower worked well, the air from the vent was hot

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Here’s what I tried.

Fuse inside the driver’s dash, no problem.
Fuse in engine compartment, found one blown, under fan 25A. replaced with spare fuse.
All other fuses are good, and so are the relays (checked with a multimeter)

The radiator fan will NOT turn on when I turn on the AC. Try to supply 12 volts to the fans directly, the fans will turn on. I also tried to throw the coolant temperature sensor, the radiator fans will turn on. The OBD scanner can read the engine temp at 201F, so I think the coolant temp sensor is fine.

I also release the snake belt, the compress will turn and not catch.

Here I am stuck on what to do next. Please share your knowledge. Thank you.

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