Gen 4 – 2012 Outback 3.6R P0457 Code

I recently replaced my timing system (chains, guides, tensioners, etc, on my Outback, not to mention a new radiator and hoses, and a number of other parts) and upon getting it running again, it runs like a dream now, I am continually getting this P0457 code…Evap System Leak Detected (fuel cap loose/off). I replaced it with an OEM cap, but this dang code keeps coming on.

Does anyone know if there is a “known offender” here? When doing the job everything came off the top of the motor, intake,PCV which was replaced along with hoses, and I entirely re-wrapped the entire upper wiring harness. Aside from this dang code, everything is amazing but I cannot figure out where this might be coming from. I have replaced all the hoses up top that I can think of.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

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