Gen 3 – Touring Lapland and Northern Norway

Car in question: 2005 H6 Outback, odometer slightly above 180 000 miles.

Trip description: mostly long distance driving as it typically is in Northern Finland, speed at 80-100 km/h for 95 % of time. The route contains a number of climbs on Norway side (total of 300 km of more elevation changes), and a dozen emergency brakings because of reindeers on the road. There was a 60 km segment with parts where asphalt was removed, with its edges cut straight down –> need to slow down to about 20 km/h at the edge, a dozen times. A bunch of over-takings at 140 km/h momentarily, as it was a vacation season and mobile homes are on the road. +22 C weather with clear skies and A/C on for the entire duration of the trip.

Total distance driven 1750 km. Average fuel consumption 8.2 l / 100 km, or about 29 MPG. Pretty good result for a 3 liter engine and AWD vehicle with automatic transmission. I could’ve filled the tires to 2.5 bars before the trip to make it a bit better, I think they were at 2.3 bars last I checked (which may have been some time ago). Makes me believe it may be possible to drive it down to 7.8 l / 100 km. My gut feeling is that the 2007 H4 Outback I used to drive would have averaged about 7.4 – 7.6 l / 100 km on this trip, so the 3.0 engine sips about half a liter more per 100 km.

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