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Hello, I have a 2005 outback LLbean, a couple of weeks ago I was trying to put the sunroof back up & it wouldn’t go, it got most the way, but the drivers side rear corner was to low (it wasn’t flush with the roof, but the passenger side was) I could press up from the inside & and it would pop up into place, but would fall back down if I tried opening or closing it. I took the glass off, & hit the button to see if I could figure out what was wrong, the brackets (where the glass attaches) moved back fine, but they wont come forward. I tried using an Allen wrench in the socket under the little cap in the back on the head liner, but it wont turn either direction. The brackets aren’t even, the drivers side one is farther back than the passengers side one. If anyone has had a similar problem I could really use some help, IDK what to try next. Can the brackets be removed from the track?

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^this is the bracket with the problem, I think its suppose to be farther forward relative to the little tan plastic piece, or at least that’s how the other side is.

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