Gen 3 – Raptor SC for my 05 California 2.5i 5MT

After driving my friend’s 2005 5MT XT I decided I wanted a little more power… My 2005 is getting old but in great overall condition and is now a second car that is driven daily but less than 5000 miles a year, just had the “works”, new heads, timing belt, water pump, pulleys, drive belts, oil pan, clutch and a few misc items.

Any thoughts on what else I should address before installation other than giving them a clean bill of health?

Fuel Pump – The manufacturer of the SC kit says a larger one is not needed for the 6PSI pulley. I think it’s the same fuel pump as the 245hp H6 3.0, but not positive. We should be making about 220hp at the pulley at 6 PSI, so that’s probably good. Feel like a new fuel filter wouldn’t be a bad idea, but at that point I can replace the whole unit with a bigger pump if I have to get in there.

Injectors. The manufacturer of the SC kit says you need to go a little bigger. Interestingly, the 245hp H6 3.0 only uses 270cc injectors while our 165hp 2.5 uses 245cc. So close in size, you’d almost think 245cc is enough for 220hp. Rebuilt (cleaned/tested) Denso Injector prices are about the same ($35 each). The stock 2005 WRX is only like 226hp and they use 420cc injectors so it might be a good option.

Exhaust – Currently has dual 1.5″ Bosal mufflers… This can be quite a limitation. Don’t want to mess with the headers/cats (California vehicle with 5 o2 sensors). Mid pipe is already a straight up Bosal ~ 2.5″ design that looks good. Unfortunately, I’ve had no-name mufflers there before and they bugged me (loudly).

Tuning – I plan to have VEMS in Colchester, VT do this on the Dyno.

Here is a photo of the set approx:

Manufacturer of SC kits – they also make the filler themselves. I bought the kit used from someone in the US.

What else should I think about?

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