Gen 3 – ee20z won’t start after rebuild


It is about the year 2009:

I installed a new head gasket after it was blown.
After returning the engine to the room, it does not start.
All obvious causes are checked: air leakage, fuses, connectors, rails, hoses, tank filter and sub-pump, etc.
Pressure on CR read on simple DiagTool says 370 kpa, 3.7 bar… which should be close to 200 bar to start…

The question is:

there must be any pre-pressure from the reservoir for the high pressure pump to operate.

I checked the pressure behind the fuel filter with the gauge, it was only close to zero vacuum.
I checked the sub pump next to the tank, it works, but it seems to only pump fuel between the tank halves, not to filter into a cabin…

I would appreciate any information on how the fuel should work in a system and what else I can check before replacing the high pressure fuel pump :)

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