Gen 3 – 2008 H6 LL Bean w/ Breeched Head Gasket (HG): repair, limp or sell / scrap?

The trans is pricey to rebuild – 5 speed. Swap is less.

Engine swap is gravy with proper equipment. Can be done in a day at home.

Combine engine and trans swap and knock out a twofer on a weekend.

JDM engine will need new spark plugs, intake and exhaust gaskets, oil and filter. Maybe replace the oil cooler gasket.

Trans if used from North America, fluid and maybe a pan reseal and screen. If JDM, fluid.

While the engine is out, you can clean up the engine bay, reseal all the AC lines since they will be easy to access, clean/replace ground straps, work on the brakes and suspension and when the car is back on the ground, ready to roll.

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