Gen 3 – 2008 2.5i outback problems edit more and more problems

I just purchased an 08 outback 2.5i (4th vin digit B) for $200 it has 141k and its in a little disrepair oddly other than an intermittent airbag light there isn’t a CEL or any stored codes

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My main concern is the timing belt as it seems when the previous owner had the head gaskets done the job wasn’t quite done right (done at 120k at least thats what the sticker says) I’ll link a video of it

I am going to order a new belt, pulley, and tensioner kit. But I wanted to see if there was anyone on here more versed with these as I’ve only done a few of these I worked more on transmission/driveline issues at that shop. Or should I just pull the heads and just redo do the work?

I used to work at a subaru shop and I do have a bunch of parts cam, crank, oil, seals. Valve cover gaskets, etc. From when they closed down.

For what I got the car for I can’t complain but I already have 2 other blown up subarus waiting for engines

Edit I found breaks in the body wiring harness that I believe is the reason for the radio not working

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