Gen 3 – ’08 Outback LL Bean repeatedly keeps popping coolant hoses/seals

Thanks for this video!
My 2008 H6 LL Bean is a bit similar…. HG issues had been ruled out a few times (zero exhaust residue in the coolant system), but its loosing quarts of coolant each month, trapped air / lack of coolant have lead to some overheating issues before I was on topping up the radiator, reservoir will stay overfull even while the radiator fluid level is low (beneath the fins) and pressurized. And there’s definitely a smell of coolant on the exhaust so if there is an internal HG issue, it’s not the only problem. Dealer is convinced it’s HG but I’m making them diagnose it again (for free) tomorrow, as well as my more trusted mechanic Friday.

If it is the HG (or if that’s part of the problem) can I do this same test using my OBDII reader to figure out which side it is? Going to buy a locking funnel and give it a good long burb before it goes to the dealer tomorrow, just to get as much info as possible. Not sure if my (cheap) reader will give all this info but it might… oh and what’s the best way to empty the funnel when you’re done burping?! Other than plugging the bottom with your finger and dumping it somewhere reasonable LOL

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