Gen 2 – Rear Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt Part Number?

2003 Baja – doing the brakes and want to use new mounting bolts for the caliper brackets. I found the bolts for the fronts (P/N 901130011), which are available from many suppliers.

But I’m having trouble finding the bolts for the rear. They are 10mmx1.25 with a 14mm hex head. After having difficulty identifying the part number and/or finding any supplier listing them, I went to the hardware store and did find 10mmx1.25 bolts but they are too long (so would have to be cut or washered out) and have a 17mm hex head. The fit is really tight to get a socket in to install them and the larger 17mm size makes it almost impossible. I would really like to use new bolts that are the correct part.

While I have not been able to find any Subaru part number, I did find the Carlson H802 caliper mounting bracket bolts that are 10mmx1.25 x 1.01 inches (Carlson H802 Disc Brake Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt for Toyota Avalon – but listed only for Toyota) and the H808 that are 10mmx1.25 x 1.58 inches (listed for Acura, Honda, and Subaru . These appear to be the only two 10mmx1.25 bolts Carlson makes. I also found a couple of references to the H802 being a good replacement for the rear brackets on the Forester forum. I went ahead and ordered four of the H802s and am hoping those will work.

What I don’t understand is, why is it so hard to find this part/part number? Aren’t there millions of Subarus that use this particular bolt? Am I the only one who wants to use new instead of reusing the old rusty, cruddy bolts?
I have been spoiled by BMW. I have two BMWs and there is an entire site dedicated to cataloging and diagramming every single part ever used on every single BMW (and many other Euro makes) ever made with part numbers and all the information you could ever want (

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