Gen 2 – How many rear control arms are there on a 01 Outback ? (2.5L)


I brought my 01 Subaru Wagon Limited (2.5L) to a mechanic’s shop to get a diagnostic on everything. I was told to replace the rear control arm bushings (see pictures) because they are worn. They told me the car is dangerous to drive, which I fully believe. However the price asked for it ($1500 to $2000) is almost the amount of money I would sell that car for, but I don’t want to sell it if it’s a hazard.

I’d like to at least try and do the job myself, another garage told me that if they were to do the job they would directly replace the control arms.

The issue is I can not find clear info on how many control arms there are on a 01 Outback ! I looked at the car’s schematics and it confused me even more. The pictures the mechanic took show what looks like 2 different control arms, and from Rockauto I get 6 different names for the arms !!

I was kind of expecting that there are 4 arms in the rear: rear upper left and right, rear lower left and right, but I’m not sure anymore.

Have you ever had to replace your control arm bushings ? If yes, is it worth just replacing the entire arms ? And finally, how many control arms are back there ?

Thank you for any input you’ll bring, all that has been extremely confusing.

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