Gen 2 – External power to roof rack for lights



Having a difficult time trying to figure out a way to run power wires to the roof rack for a pair of lights mounted to the basket. I know I could run them up the side of the windshield, but from there I really don’t want to adhere the wires to the roof. I don’t want it to look DIY or have the wires come loose and make noise while on the highway.

Additionally, I don’t want to run wires all the way to the rear hatch, then back to the front of the roof rack.

Anybody have any suggestions?

At some point hopefully next spring I really want to pull the entire factory roof rack off and fabricate a pair of tube side rails. While it is off I could then have a power source on the new rack because I would have to pull the headliner for the installation.




Not specific to these subarus, but what I have done in the past is make a small hole under the “foot” of the rack, then had a wire go up the A-pillar, above the headliner to the hole, then into the tube, and have it come out of the tube at the lights. By having the hole under the area where the rack meets the roof, its inside the gasketed area and remains sealed.



less permanent and you may have to check your locality for inspections. But no additional holes. I was looking at it to avoid additional holes

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