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can you provide a link to the bolt on shock? Thank you very much!

Just an FYI: I would hazard a guess that the Ascent would be too heavy to use a design such as a recovery mechanism or winch platform assembly.

There’s a reason why companies that were previously planning on making such a bolt on bumper/shock/winch assembly decided against it, when they realized:

  1. the size of winch they would need (the Warns/Axon winches they use for other Subies are underpowered for a Climb)


  2. The Ascent weighs a lot for a bumper nut mounted winch/bumper rig.

I’m curious, what is your goal? Whether it’s for towing and recovery, or a winch, there are other options that can be useful.

But if it’s a tie-in like McCrowell needs, should you do it?
(just keep in mind how it will affect frontal collisions).

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