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I just sold my ’09 Outback and have a number of things left over. I would like to move these so please make an offer if you want. All prizes ship to CONUS. Please see photos for more information. Again, all prices OBO.

1. Rubber steering wheel. Beautiful shape, replaced with leather. Maybe you can use the buttons. $35 shipped.
2. Factory radio (for manual climate controls) – works when removed in 2020 – $65 shipped.
3. OEM cowl shifters and spare steering column shroud. This is NOT the cut shroud, I got it so I could cut it to clean the blades. It has never been installed on my car. $75 shipped for both parts.
4. OEM aero thing. This goes in front of the rear wheel on the right side. $20 shipped.
5. OEM silver trim for ’08-’09. These are the center console parts, the one above the glove box and two on either side of the steering wheel (5 total). Minor scratches but overall in very good condition. It was removed to install fake wood in 2020. $65 shipped.
6. OEM rear suspension arms. Sold in pairs or all together. Toe and cam removed for Whiteline, tops replaced with Legacy OEM (My Outback was lowered). All removed about 95k miles; the bundles are good, but not new. Make offer and add $20 shipping per pair (are heavy) or PM about multiple. I will keep these for a week or two then they will go to the metal man.
7. OEM front axles for 4EAT vehicle. The left and right are identical and are very sure to fit AT and MT cars. It is removed when the outer boot splits; one at about 98k miles, the other at about 108k. CV connections still perfect (they weren’t in the car at all after they broke up). One has the boot already replaced (Beck Arnley) and the other has a brand new boot included. If I find time to take it to my mechanic it will still be there, otherwise it will be in the box (it’s pictured). Subaru says over $400 each for these now. Asking $175 each or $325 shipped for both. Or??? I have no idea what these are really worth, but they won’t have the vibration problems you have with the Cardone etc.
8. OEM Outback springs and top mounts (no stations). Like the wings, removed about 95k to lower the car. These would probably be good to increase your inheritance. $75 shipped for allit’s a heavy box.

Working on editing the photos (they are too big to fit here until I scale them down). Pictures available via PM/email until then.

One more time – all prices are OBO. I need these things from my garage. If you are local to Cincinnati, I will lower the prices accordingly. Please PM if interested and thanks!

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