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I just did this install and since there wasn’t too much info about the process for the 2020 OB I figured I’d share what I learned and start a discussion.

I decided to get these and install ‘em myself to save some dough and it was worth it. Only took about 30 mins. Would be a lot easier if the instructions were more clear, but they didn’t come with any and I used Subies tech site.
Footwell Illumination Install

Removing the panels were easy, the drivers side dash cover just needs to be wiggled out of place. The trickiest part was the connections – its described pretty poorly. In a nutshell, when you remove the lower drivers side dash panel with the two screws, you have to remove the 3 (in my case) harnesses that connect to the hatch, dimmer and hatch proximity hold. Disconnecting these guys were without question the hardest part. There are spots in the paneling for the LEDs already and snaking it thru the console is a cinch, but the wiring got me a little. Remove all three of those, and then take the one that went to the dimmer and connect that to the LED kit harness (B1 I believe?). So you’re going wire to wire here, and then wrapping. Take the other side of the wire thats closely attached and stick that into the dimmer again. Not hard, but I wish I had someone explain it to me like that.

Any questions let me know I’d be happy to help! And the results are great. Nothing mindblowing, but a nice subtle accent.

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