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Hey I’m trying to find a decent folding sun shade for our 2023 Ascent. We want the fabric type that you twist and fold into a small circle. We tried the OEM Subaru shade and its just way too bulky when trying to store it in the car so we returned it.

I found quite a few on amazon that are custom sized for the 2019-2022 but they don’t seem to fit the revised 2023 eyesight camera set up.

Any recommendations from you 2023 owners?

We bought one of these for our Outback in “Jumbo”. We tried it in the Ascent when we traded in and it works just fine. Because of the flexibility, it contours around the eyesight system. We use the visors to hold it up and tight to the headliner/windshield. I can take pictures if you want. It might not be sufficient in high heat areas, but it works great in WA summers. I appreciate that we can store it between the passenger seat and the center console where it completely disappears but is always in reach.

Oddly enough the application guide says the Ascent (19+, so maybe they haven’t test fit a 23 yet) uses the standard size, not Jumbo. I think this style has enough flexibility that there is a big range of fit. Again I don’t know if it will be a good enough fit for you, but it is definitely inexpensive, light, and compact with a Costco satisfaction policy if you have a membership.

I have my heart set on a Cobb branded folding style one if they ever make one for 2023+. Just because I think it’s cool. Totally superficial and I’d lose the practicality of easily stowing it… I’d also like a Accessport for 23+.

Also, it was only $12 in-store (which is commonly less than internet price for Costco) when we bought it. Might be cheaper than $27 on Amazon and very likely cheaper in-store if you have a Costco that carries it.

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