Fixed Some Things, Now Have More Codes

Hello all,

I have had some lights on my dash come off and on for some time now – including a blinking cruise control, check engine, brake, and the track control… maybe one more, I forget. I moved back to my parents for a week and have access to a garage and tools so I have been working on some neglected issues.

Our OBD tool showed that we had three codes (can’t remember specifics) that meant we had an issue with the knock sensor 1 and misfires on both cylinder one and six. Because of the combination of these I was thinking there may be a timing issue, perhaps caused by the failing knock sensor, but I changed the spark plugs and the misfires went away. I removed knock sensor one (removing the air intake and filter box in the process and therefore unplugging the MAF and MAP sensors) and there were no signs of corrosion or cracks, and then I also tested it using a multimeter and it had about 560 Kohms or whatever else was the correct amount of resistance (this was while it was off the engine). I ended up putting it back on (paying attention to the original orientation of it).

I cleared the codes and read them again but this time around I had more codes:

P0102 – Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor A Circuit Low
P0328 – Knock/Combustion Vibration Sensor 1 Circuit High Bank 1 or Single Sensor
P0113 – Intake Air Temp Sensor 1 Circuit High Bank 1
P0108 – Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit High

So the knock sensor was not resolved, despite some indication that it is a seemingly functional knock sensor. These new codes are nonsense to me because the only thing I did to these was unplug and replug them in! I am now having drivability issues that I didn’t have at all when my dash was lit like a Christmas tree! First, my idle RPM is the lowest it has ever been, right at or below 1000. Then, when I rev the engine and let off the gas the RPMs drop super low (sub-700 or 600) and has stalled once or twice when doing this.

I (naively) thought this would all be pretty straight forward to fix but now I actually have drivability issues when all I wanted to make sure was that my car was road ready for when I move half way across the country to start a new job on August 7th…

If anyone has had these issues or knows some solutions please let me know.



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