Fitting the spare wheel well shower

I laughed out loud when I realized this was possible, and then spent two days racking my brain trying to figure it out. I am really pleased with the results.

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Here’s how I did it:

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I started by removing the spare wheel riser, which mounts using 3 short bolts (two vertical and an offset type towards the driver’s side).

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I don’t know what the original thread size is, but I re-machined and tapped the holes to accept 3/8″-16 bolts. Much stronger.

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I got (2) of these u 6061 1/2″ thick wall alloy channels from McMaster Carr. One mounts to the wheel well and the other to the bottom of the shower tank (Port Water Day Tank).

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I then used 1/2″ 6061 plates to join the two halves together.

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Then I cut a short piece of hose and a hole for the end of the hose to go nicely through the bumper. Cut a perfectly nice hole in the bumper… in the wrong place. The second hole broke but works really well. So now I’m… more aerodynamic 🤨 Hey – I always get it right because I always do it twice. ;)

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I stick a schrader valve extender on the tank so I can easily hook up a pump/compressor without having to crawl under the car.

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I tested it this evening and it works great! We will see long term if there are any issues with the proximity to the exhaust but it is well on the other side of the heat shield so I believe it will be fine. I will follow up if any issues/modifications arise!

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