Fitting a PA/radio control box to the 20s, any suggestions where it would look good?

Hello, first time poster here.

As the title says, I’m going to put my PA (police siren) on my ’20 premium soon and need a place to put the control box. On my 2002 OB I mounted it in the double DIN radio area, but since we don’t have that option in the 2020s where should it go?

Most people won’t need to mount this specific item, but may need to mount a CB or similar radio in their cabin at some point, so maybe this thread will help.

I would imagine it would have to be mounted in the driver’s footwell area for easy access and hidden away as sticking it on the pike would look really bad haha. I have purchased a seat mounted apple panel for concealment purposes as I thought it was the best bet to mount this. It arrives later this week and I have no idea if it will work, but I figured I could return it if it doesn’t.

Has anyone else mounted something like this? Any suggestions other than my current plan?

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