Finally understand how to “consistently” use the power back port

For anyone who is new or seems to be having trouble with the port, first pay attention to how you “interact” with a button – whether it’s Press and Hold, Press hard, or Press. Second, pay attention to the fact that the beeps from the car differ depending on which way you try to open the tailgate. Here’s what I finally learn: turnkey…

1. To open the gate from the outside, you must squeeze button from the rear camera, and the car will release two short beeps before opening the gate. I could be wrong here, but if you press this button a little too much (too long), the gate won’t open. Pressing it longer still will mess up the port trying to restart the back port.

2. To open the gate using the remote key, Press and hold button in the key slot until you hear two long beeps immediately followed by two short beeps (beeep beeeep, beep beep). And this is very important, you MUST wait until all beeps stop before releasing the button or the gate will not open. This is where I messed up many times as I often let it go as soon as I heard the first beep, which to me must be how the car acknowledges that the command has been received. Not so here, apparently.

3. To open the gate using the button on the dash (inside the car), press and hold until you hear two short beeps. Here my impression is that you can release the button once you hear the beep and it will continue to open. As you may have noticed, the audible feedback (labeled in green) is not the same even though the same gate is opening and the buttons also reacted differently to your inputs. Why, why is this so necessary at the risk of confusing people? For my old Odyssey, a red light in the key slot will flash to tell me I’ve held the buttons long enough (to open/close the dr slide and the gate) and the gate always opens with a long beep…

4. Once the gate is open, there are two buttons on the gate, one to close and one to close and lock. Both buttons need one strong press, not a squeeze. Nothing will happen if you squeeze it the same way you press the button from the camera. Here you need a firm press until you hear two short beeps.

5. However, if you long press the lock and key button (>2 seconds), the button will be canceled. Maybe I pressed it too long once because I overreacted as a quick squeeze did nothing. This is very confusing as there is no way to know that the button has been disabled and there is no clear instruction in the manual on how to re-enable it. I think I had to restart the port to clear it.

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