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To @Rgashton and @Robert.Mauro:

“The link for the service manual and other PDFs is: https://techinfo.subaru.com/stis/#/login

Robert.Mauro told me about it. It’s a paid subscription for it, but ANYONE can access it. I paid for the 3-day subscription, $35, and I think it was worth it. There are repair steps, diagnostic steps, wiring diagrams, harness locations, measurements and specs, etc. It is VERY detailed. I like to work on our vehicles myself when I can and usually buy Chilton type service manuals but this is direct from Subaru and definitely much more specific.

I will say, though, it is a total PITA to download the entire PDF Service Manual. It is simply monotonous and divided into countless chapters and sub-categories. There’s a bit of a learning curve to figuring out the best way to download and keep organized, but it was pretty straightforward once I got the hang of it.

There are some large chapters that Safari and Chrome (I use a Mac) can’t handle, but FireFox worked perfectly. All in all, it took me roughly all day to get almost everything related to Ascension. And the service manual was 90% of that time. If you have other Subarus, you’ll probably want to get those service manuals too, lol.

You can print it immediately (there is a “Print” button within the website app) or you can “print” it to/as a PDF. So I did. Once it’s on my computer as a PDF, I have a digital copy and can now print it whenever I want. I am thinking of getting the Service Manual files to the shop to print and bind into a book. I definitely think it’s worth the $35.”

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