Eyesight and dash mounted GPS

Further studying the manuals for the arrival of my 2024 Limited next month and I am curious if anyone has had any issues with Eyesight and a beanbag mounted Garmin (or other device about the same size) on the dash.

The manuals say don’t put ANYTHING in the gray areas. See gray areas below. The dash area they say things could reflect off the windshield and mess with Eyesight.

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For years I’ve used a Garmin on a beanbag mount on the dash. Here is a photo of the Garmin in my 2017 without Eyesight.

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Is anyone doing this with a Gen 6 Outback with Eyesight and have you had any issues with Eyesight?

I did take the Garmin on my test drive of the Outback Limited and had no issues. It was pulled a little bit closer to me to stay off the center speaker. The car had no problem but I can’t say for sure that the dealer had Eyesight turned on.

I’m guessing that the Subaru is being extra conservative in their instructions but I did want to ask if anyone has ever experienced an Eyesight problem doing this.

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