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I’ll try to keep this short.

I’m about to buy out my leased MY2019 Ascent Limited (Canada). The dealer has offered a 5 year/100,000km bumper to bumper extended warranty for $5000. My front struts assemblies need to be replaced so he said the dealer would pay to repair them (About $1000) and offer the same warrant for $4000. I recognize this seems high but here’s the catch:

1) the H&K head unit has issues (won’t update and does not retain new info like saved radio presets or phones for bluetooth)
2) one of the rear captain chairs will not go fore and aft.

Both of these things happened outside of the 3 year/60000 km warranty.

So is there any issue with me accepting this warranty and heading to the dealer to fix the aforementioned problems? If so the warranty would pay for itself immediately. I just don’t know if they do a thorough overview of the vehicle that would identify those problems before the warranty.

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