Error Code P2404 in a 2017 2.5 Outback. Seeking advice.



I would ask for a very detailed explanation how something called “Evaporative Leak Check Module” would be more related to the fuel system than emissions. Seems like its only purpose would be for emissions. More likely the dealership just hopes to make more money charging the customer their full labor rate and markup on the parts than they cut-rate the manufacturer pays them for warranty work.

After speaking with a representative from SOA. This was the their response in an email the following day.
“Our Subaru Retailers are in the best position to provide warranty determination. Our retailers work directly with claims everyday to ensure that the warranty is applied. If the Subaru Retailer explained to you that the part of the valve check is not a part of the emission warranty, then that is the recommendation.”

It felt like the representative didn’t really look into the warranty and wanted to pass the buck back to the Subaru retailer. Who else would know Suabru’s warranty than SOA? I finally called after getting no responses in multiple follow up emails(4 days) with SOA to clarify and confirm how the ELCM check valve is not in the category of “onboard emissions diagnostic device”.

The 2nd SOA representative mentioned the ELCM check valve “is more fuel related and in a gray area in the emissions warranty.” I asked how can that be? The P2404 is an emissions code as well as the part is clearly connected to other related emissions parts. Ex. Evaporative emissions system lines, Evaporative emissions system lines clamp, EGR tube, etc..

The SOA rep said he’ll look into it and he did. 30mins later, I got a call from the service advisor at the dealership and was told SOA is covering the cost for the part and repair. The SOA rep called me back shortly after “SOA will cover the cost in this ONE TIME good gesture”.

I get the cut-rate the manufacturer pays the dealer/mechanic. My initial service charge was $616. The receipt I got with SOA covering the bill was $447.

Overall Im glad I found this thread. Thank you all for input!

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