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not everyone needs to think like you in the same way you have no desire to think like me.

it is in the best interest of this board for each one of us to comment on things we have experience with and not armchair quarter back things we have zero experience with.

Are you aware of the broader EGR scene? Did you know that EGR deletes are unbelievably common? One can Google it – there are websites selling kits, forums with all sorts of EGR deletes, it’s all over ebay, you can buy all over the internet, how to’s on how to do it, people proclaiming everywhere that they’ve done it. some vehicles have such bad EGR problems (causing motor problems, high repair costs due to headgaskets, etc) – EGR deletes are almost common place on some other manufacturers engines, kits are made for that purpose, and highly recommended to protect the motors.

a google search shows all of this, very common knowledge that this is the real world application of this thread.

So – if the EPA is *really* concerned about these hardened criminal felonies you speak of – they are clearly exponentially incompetent to get online, make a list, and go fine everyone thousands of dollars. They’re not doing it….so they don’t even care to that extent.

In a more general sense….members here breaks thousands of laws a day and commits dozens of felonies a month if you’re one to live by the “letter of the law”.

I have “tampered with mail”. I have crossed state lines (like 50 – 100 times) with guns not 100% in accordance with the laws of those states. I entered a government facility in DC, where I work (with a security clearance mind you), with a rifle in my trunk. I had forgotten about it after hunting and left it in one of my fleet of 10 Subaru’s. i have crossed state lines with alcohol in my car….probably not in accordance with state laws…a huge portion of americans have “committed” a felony. Those were accidents or happened in a much larger context where most people would totally understand. Felonies are not my area of expertise but it’s fairly obvious that living by the letter of the law is not a driving factor for most people.

in the sense outlined above…where circumstances dictates or a larger context gives clarity that no crime or harm is being committed, i am okay with “committing a felony”.

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