Driver vanity mirror lights don’t work




I recently decided to replace the vanity mirror bulbs in my ’20 Outback Limited XT with LEDs, discovered the driver side lights don’t work. At first I thought they were burned out but what are the odds both of them are burned out already.

I pulled the light assembly out of the sun visor to get a closer look, made a shorting strip from a piece of wire. In a nutshell, when you open the cover of the mirror, a metal piece on the back side of the cover closes an open circuit to provide power to the lights. It wasn’t working. I fiddled around with the metal strips and wire inside the visor and was able to get the lights working, mostly. Occasionally I have to wiggle the cover back and forth a bit before the lights come on. I have no idea how long this has been an issue because I virtually never use the mirror but wife occasionally doesn’t but doesn’t recall if the lights worked. For all I know, it could have been faulty from purchase back in 2019.

Anyway, obviously there a bad connection somewhere within the visor but, to get to it, you must remove the fabric cover from the visor and I’m not sure it would look right putting it back together.

Have any of you experienced this issue and/or removed the visor’s fabric cover to access the wiring? I’m guessing no.
2. What online sites do you recommend to purchase an OEM replacement visor (reliable, good prices and shipping charges?
3. Are there any good online sources for identifying the part number?

I suspect I’ll have to replace the visor rather than repair it (which torques me off a bit because I had a career in electronics and computer repair including micro-miniature repair). I know it’s an extremely minor issue but OCD kicks in when something’s not working right on any of my vehicles.

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