Does anyone else feel like the Gen 6 suspension is weak?

My biggest gripe with the ’23 Premier XT (Touring XT in the US) is the suspension. I sometimes feel bumps going over and there seems to be no (or very little) shock absorption. I brought this issue up right after I got the car and my dealer has looked at it twice and both times they say it is normal. I get the impression though that they mostly rely on a visual inspection as the second time they looked at it they said they did a test drive and it was only about 1km on the odometer.

It was worse in the winter months as I was also screeching going over speed bumps, but that stopped with the warmer weather.

So on my “to do” list is a road test with the service manager on both my car and another ’23 (their demo) on some rougher roads and compare the difference. Unfortunately, the service department is only open on MF until 5pm, so getting them during business hours is difficult.

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