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Several others have posted photos of their installation.

I am posting my installation using 2019 Forester bars.
Here is the ebay link
list title:
Bonnet Lift Support Strut Mount Strut 2 Pcs For Subaru Forester 2019

Comes with 2 strips and mounting kit. L bracket to mount to the top hood hinge bolt and then another ball screw for which you will need to drill a small hole in the frame behind the headlight.

When drilling the hole I started with a smaller piece, I used a small piece of metal (an old license plate) to place behind the metal to prevent accidentally drilling into the back of the headlight cover. After the pilot hole, it went to a bigger hole.

The hardest part of the installation is holding the nut in place as there is very little room to put your fingers behind the frame. you could try a low-profile plug, a magnet, or maybe your wife’s or kids’ fingers. But what worked for me was to wrap one sticky side of tape around a finger and then tape the nut to the tip of the finger to fit it behind the hole. Once you’ve threaded the nut, grab your 12mm wrench to tighten it and you’re good to go.

I had help from my grandpa, but you can probably do this yourself if you do the driver’s side first, because I found that one of these straps was enough to hold the hood up, then you can drop the prop and do the passenger side.


This is better.

The 2015 Forester had a hood, I can’t believe a 45K SUV doesn’t include hood rails, maybe in 2021.

This is a 2020 climb.

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