Dealer says my 2019 Subaru Ascent has a turbo boost issue

My 2019 Subaru Ascent Limited was performing fine. We took it in for a recall and had them install a new transmission.

Shortly after this new transmission the car started having acceleration issues. When merging into an interstate or passing a vehicle on the interstate the car starts producing a whooshing sound under the passenger side dashboard. This even happens on normal roads when passing a vehicle at 30 to 40 mph.

Three times now my car has surpassed this whooshing sound with the RPM being stuck at 4000 and unable to accelerate. The car just freezes there and is largely unresponsive. On the interstate this has almost caused accidents and baffled surrounding drivers. All the lights on the dashboard come on and many features are unresponsive like eyesight or cruise control. Then days later the electronics come back but the whooshing sound at acceleration is always there like a warning.

My wife took this car to the dealership several months ago for two checks on this issue, and they said they were unable to find anything. I called six weeks ago for another check and the soonest they could see it was today. Now they think it is a “turbo charge under boost“ error and will check it more tomorrow.

I’ve looked at this site and seen many, many similar stories especially after recall work.

I’m not a car guy and get automatically suspicious about this stuff. Would they have in their records whether the original turbo charge seal is still there or if it was replaced with the new transmission? I understand they cannot be reused.

This is my first Subaru and this car was supposed to be a gift to my wife and finally third row seating. She is fed up with all the recalls and the time spent at the dealership. They had the car today and need to check it again tomorrow. No one offered a vehicle to use in the meantime. I have to get a child to school and myself to work. School begins at 7:40 and the shuttle service begins at 8 am. One guy on the dealership phone suggested that I rent a car. Wtf?!

What advice do you all have when I talk with them tomorrow?

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