Dealer charged me “diagnostics” for repairs covered under extended warranty

We took our 2013 Subaru Outback to one of the local Subaru dealerships here in Vancouver, BC in early June for a brake light that kept coming on intermittently while driving. They did a diagnostic check and told me the brake sensor needed to be replaced and quoted me $1600!
I posted this issue on the forum and one of the fine folks here posted a service bulletin from Subaru that extended the parking brake assembly warranty on Gen 10-14 Subaru Outbacks by 15 years.
After telling the service department about the warranty, they agreed it was covered, but they still charged me over $200 for the “diagnosis”. I argued with the service representative that since the issue was clearly related to the parking brake, the diagnostic should be covered under warranty. The Subaru dealership disagreed and refused to waive the diagnostic fee.
I’m wondering if anyone out there has more knowledge than I do about how warranties work. The last new car I owned was a Ford Escape and I don’t recall ever paying for diagnostics while that vehicle was under warranty.
I was thinking of writing or emailing Subaru Canada and Subaru USA (Subaru USA issued the service bulletin regarding the extended warranty) with a copy of the receipt from the dealer requesting reimbursement for the diagnostic.

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