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No such letter for my ’15 H6 yet.

Doesn’t matter – not needed, nor do you actually need the letter now that they’re being sent out.

I actually knew about this last week, but since they didn’t tell us we could say anything about it, I didn’t until this news had already hit. All it boils down to is that Subaru is, literally because they want to, not because they have to, giving you another 5 years OR 40,000 miles of warranty on the CVT. (Original powertrain warranty was 5 years / 60,000 miles.)

There are no mandatory inspection to have it apply, and it covers all the car lines. It’s applicable only if you actually HAVE a CVT issue, otherwise just drive on. AND it’s also applicable to pre-owned cars – so that 15 Crosstrek with 28,000 miles on it I sold Friday will have it apply. (It covers all the product lines with our CVT in them – keep in mind we make our own transmissions.)

And no, I haven’t heard of any major issues, to me it sounds like something we’re just noticing. Sales volume is still going up, and rather than have an issue, we’re trying to be preemptive just in case. Which is so Subaru.

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