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I have a 23 Wilderness and from what I’ve observed, yeah the TR690 just isn’t very smooth under load. Accelerating slowly and keeping it under 2-2.5K RPM’s mine is very smooth. Under heavy 1/2-3/4 throttle though between the fake shifts and whatever else it’s doing, it’s not very pleasant. Mine also will jerk coming to a stop once and a while. I’m guessing it’s the torque converter unlocking but again, just not smooth sometimes and makes me go WTH…

This is my first CVT and after living with it for 6+ months now I can say I’m not a huge fan. But, it is what it is, you want a Subaru, you get a CVT LOL.

I have driven a Forester and another Outback with the TR580 and they were buttery smooth. It must be something with the 2.4 Turbo mated to the 690 that doesn’t really jive.

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