CVT Service Interval – Fluid Change

I’m definitely not a heavy duty driver, which is good because 24,855 miles sounds pretty quick. Lifetime coverage sounds like a bad idea. The video was interesting until the end where he goes through all the conflicting information because that’s what was going through my mind about the change intervals.

So where is the optimal change interval? If you fall under rough service the question is easy to answer and if you don’t it’s harder to answer. Subaru has it for life, but a life for them is only 100,000 miles and the warranty is no longer alive. Life expectancy for me is usually 200,000 to 300,000+ miles and I expect the engine and transmission to last with good care and fluid changes.

So where is the optimal change interval? I don’t know, but I think I can aim for somewhere between 30-50k miles.

I normally change the fluids in a conventional autotrans and it’s no problem. There is no way I or anyone other than the Subaru dealer would have the CVT done.

PS I am interested to know when Robert M. plans to change his. Want to share your plans? You gotta trust a guy with a name like that. :)

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