CrossClimate2 Sidewall Strength vs Wildpeak AT Trail and Geolander GO15

Looking for help with replacing the stock tires on my 23 Ascent Onyx. I travel a lot of unimproved and fire type roads getting to ranges and shooting classes. Based on past experience, I’m concerned about sidewall punctures on the stock tires. My go to tire on my Outbacks (even before my Wilderness where they came. stock) was the Geolander GO15.

While researching I’ve also read great things about the Wildpeak AT and have many times seen the CrossClimate2 recommended for our Ascents. Unfortunately I don’t know what specs to look at to compare relative sidewall strength between the CrossClimate2 and the Wildpeak or Geolanders. Can anyone help me make sense of the relative sidewall strength of these tires? My driving criteria is 90% pavement in dry to wet weather, city and highway 50/50 split. I live in CT where we certainly get snow, but since I work from home, I don’t often venture out in the snow or ice, but do want that ability in case I need to get to my parent or in-laws in the areas in a large storm.

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