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I lost front lights, on engine start I got weird sound from engine compartment (maybe a coolan pump stucked), temperature looks normal for a small time, and it jumps to max and I get a lot of warnings, as my ATM mechanic said “full drama” (ATM temp light and can’t get pass neutral without stoping the enginge first). This was at night and in the middle of nowhere, looks like lost some water yet radiator looks full.
Since I got it, my car had a verry dirty cooling system, and cabin heating was not working properlly. I changed the heating radiator and did a “chris fix” coolant clean up, yet I was missing a conector, so heating radiator was bypassed when I taked to the ATM guy, just asked him to plug it back.
I taked to ATM mech, a he did a full ATM rebuild. And got this issue in the way home. Here is the dilema:
I still need a tow truck, but where to? If I take it to the ATM guy, and is a cooling system issue more complex than changing a hose, he is gonna pass and I’ll need to find a mechanic in city 200 miles away from me. (I asked the guy to change my spark plugs, and he refused. I value specialisation). If I take it to my town, and is an ATM issue, I’ll new to tow the full 200 back to his city.
The car is in the middle of no where, my plan is to go with a tow truck, I may take 10-15 to do some quick diagnosis connect to romraider to get some codes, yet I have to decide verry quickly. So, all advice is very well come, just remember my constrains (few time at the middle of nowhere)

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