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I’m baffled. New 2023 Forester Touring in April. Have always heard a single clank sound within a second of starting my car, foot on the brake, coming from the front. I don’t hear it again until my car turns off at a light and starts again.
Most recently I’ve notice two clinks, not every time, and sometimes a bit louder. It doesn’t happen much throughout the day driving around. More prominent after it sits a while.
Imagine holding two glass coke bottles and touching them together like your toasting. Sometimes with a double *****. Since we don’t have glass under the hood, maybe ceramic? Brakes? Something else?
Three trips to Subaru about the issue. The only response worth noting is one service mgr suggested trying new brake pads and a special grease. I haven’t heard an explanation for this yet. It’s been in the shop over a week.
They gave me a 2024 Outback to drive while they try to figure this out. Guess what, it does the exact same thing!
Can anyone explain this?

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