Clicking while turning with turn signal on

Anyone experience a clicking sound from the steering column while turning the steering wheel with the turn signal on? This only happens with the turn signal on, very noticeable at slow speeds and at a stop. It took us a while to be able to double the sound as many times as we wanted. I’ll have to get a video of it to share once I get my hands on the car (it’s my wife’s).

The dealer noticed that our windshield was coming off during the inbound inspection for the transmission pull service and after that was done my wife noticed the clicking when driving to and from work. We had noted it with the dealer when they replaced the windshield when it came a week or two later and they added it to the service notes, but I don’t know that they actually looked for the problem. We tried to get another appointment to go over the issue along with the last bolt pull but they said they didn’t have the parts for it yet.

Two to three clicks at certain points while turning the steering wheel with the blinkers on is normal (I’ve never counted them, but I think they’re about that many).

It’s the sound of the mechanical mechanism turning off the pulse lever as the wheel turns back.


Are you talking about a noise like this…

This is what I am currently dealing with. Make an appointment on Tuesday to have it looked at. I’m assuming it’s the signal stalk.

That’s a lot NO normal.

Please bring your car in for service. Personally, I’m not sure if I’d run it. I would send my service advisor the video and ask their advice on towing it flatbed to the dealer for repair

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