check Engine Light after hard acceleration

Subaru Ascent Touring, 4000 mile. Wife was driving home, went to pass a semi, and everything lit up on the dash. I went to meet her, started car up, CE light still on. Unscrewed and then tightened gas cap, and lights went away.

Next morning had the vehicle sitting in driveway to heat up. Went out and CE lights on. Did the gas cap thing again, twice, and lights went away.

I wasn’t trusting the vehicle at this point so I drove her to work, and while hard accelerating, all lights lit up. Drove it to dealership. I told them about the loose intercooler bolts from this forum, and after talking with HQ, they decided to make sure they were tight.

Test drive later on, and the CE lights came back on with a P0606 code. They are telling me now they think it’s a throttle body problem and will replace the unit.

Any of this make since, or anyone with experience care to comment on what they think might be the issue?

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