Changed battery – Now the window won’t work?

You’d think they’d put a note in the manual in the battery replacement section… but no, nadda.

Power window initialization (one-touch up/down automatic function windows) If the vehicle battery is disconnected due to situations such as battery or fuse replacement, the following functions are disabled. . Automatic one-touch up/down function and anti-lock function. Execute each window according to the following procedure to initialize the power window system. 1. Close the driver’s door. 2. Turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position. 3. Open the driver’s side window halfway by pressing down on the power window switch. 4. Pull the power window switch and close the window completely. Continue to pull the switch for about 1 second after the window is fully closed.

Remember to make both windows from their respected switches. Not only from the driver’s side.

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