Can a CVT output be pull (or push) started?

interesting thx

does anyone else have experience in this department?

I have a doubt…

Let’s say we’re going 40 mph and the engine dies, for whatever reason. maybe we ran out of fuel. We’re still in Drive, with the ignition on.

That shouldn’t hit the transmission, right? My expectation is that I can just stop.

Okay, so what’s different about these scenarios at 40 mph.

1. Power off, stay in Drive, power on again.

2. shift to neutral, Ignition off, shift to Drive, ignition back on.

3. shift to neutral, ignition off, engine cranked engine cranked, shift to drive.

(I’ve done #3 many times with no problem)

My expectation is that #1 and #2 can simply result in a dead stop and no engine start. no?

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